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Your Kid's Braces Is Just a Virtual Visit Away!

Say goodbye to painful metal braces!

Remember when the thought of braces brought to mind painful wires in your mouth? Sometimes even poking you if one went awry? Well, those days are over!

Meet TWO FRONT - your local, modern orthodontist who specializes in clear aligners for kids and teens. Started by a Harvard-trained orthodontist, Two Front is a network of Board-Certified orthodontists who practice modern care.

Can you believe it, Moms & Dads? This is an orthodontist your kids will actually look forward to! Not only do they offer a free, virtual consultation - but also pain free braces, and goodies in their Los Angeles clinic.

When you book your free, five-minute virtual consultation, you will meet one of their best-in-class orthodontists who will answer all of your questions. And even more exciting, they are offering a $1000 off clear aligner treatment with code FUNKIDS2020. This is a special package only to FUN WITH KIDS IN LA readers.

Their team of orthodontists are looking to help you with all things teeth-related - starting with one of the most common questions most parents have: When to take my child to an orthodontic? Where to find the best orthodontist in town?

Does my child need braces or can he/she get treatment with clear aligners?

How much should I be paying?

Two Front is bringing transparency to this industry and one of their orthodontists will address all your questions during your consultation.

For the local community, Two Front is offering:

Perk-alert: When you get to our office, you will get a reusable Two Front x BAGGU bag.

Before you go, we’d love to address one of the main questions our doctors receive:

When is my child ready for orthodontic care?

Ideal timing for orthodontic care should start in pre-teen or teenage years, while kids and teens are growing. At a younger age, bones are softer, which allows us to move teeth faster, easier, for a more beautiful and stable smile as a result. Bones get harder as we age, and moving teeth in adults takes more time.

The best time to get started is when kids are in their 'late-mixed dentition' — which means that they have a few baby teeth left. While your 'dental age' doesn't necessarily correlate with your actual age, this is generally between 10-13 years old.

An in-person visit with your orthodontist will be the best way to determine the right course of action.

Two Front also offers a care plan for adults looking for a smile tweak!

For more information about Two Front Orthodontist and to book your free consultation, please visit Two Front's official website.


Disclaimer: This article is a part of a paid sponsorship.


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