How to Home-School Your Kids During School Closure!

Teaching kids at home will be challenging for a lot of parents! This is the first time we have to stay home with our kids while we need to work and the kids need to learn. It won't be easy but it is doable. Just remind yourself that you are doing this to help your family stay healthy during the COViD-19 pandemic, so don't be hard on yourself or your kids. But make sure that you start the first day with a firm schedule and clear rules. Here is a list of recommendations for your first week of home-schooling.


1. Send the kids to bed early as if they have school the next day.

2. Remind your kids that this is not a vacation.

3. Talk to your kids about your expectations.

4. Set the alarm at a certain time every weekday as if you are going to school.

5. Set the alarm to start the school day at an exact time every day. Follow the schedule like you are the principal of the school.

6. Do a ten minute morning exercise with your kids and send them to their desk.

7. Remind your kids that all the school and class rules apply at home.

8. Be very clear about consequences for breaking rules.

9. If you have received work packages from school, make sure to follow the daily schedules.

10. Do not let the kids play games or watch TV instead of learning under any circumstances.

11. Give them 20 minutes recess for snack time, and go for a short walk around the block together, or do some aerobic exercise to get their energy out.

12. Let the kids know you are only available two times before lunch, and two times after lunch to help them with their work or answer questions.

13. Let them know that between the school hours you are not Mommy/Daddy; you are the teacher.

14. Treat them like students.

15. At 12:00 pm, give them 1 hour lunch break.

16. Set the alarm for recess and lunch every day at the same time.

17. Make sure they get their energy out during lunch time.

18. Send them back to their desks at 1:00 pm.

19. Get the more challenging class work out of the way in the morning when they have more energy, and leave the easy work for the afternoon.

20. Remind them that you still expect homework to be done every day just like they did when they went to school.

21. When their work is done, make sure they know that you still have to work so you need their cooperation. (For parents who have to work at home)

22. Give them after-school activities to do like science projects, online educational activities or games to do.

23. At the end of the day give them a small prize (depending on their age) for listening and cooperating.

24. Do not yell or scream; instead be firm and follow through with consequences.

25. Make sure that they have enough physical activities after a long day of home-schooling.

26. Listen to music, do yoga, or do mediation with your kids for at least 30 minutes every day.

27. Let them watch no more than 1 hour TV per day during weekdays only if they've finished their work.

28. Go for an afternoon jug or run together.

29. Do dinner at the same time every night as if it is school night.

We wish you all lots of luck and patience.

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