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This is What Schools Will Look Like When Students Eventually Return To School!

Today, July 13, 2020, LAUSD announced that the schools will not open their doors in August, but when students do return to campus, they will look much different than it did before, according to Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer.

Per Dr. Ferrer, distanced learning is likely to continue in some way as schools need to practice social distancing on campuses and classrooms. It is highly likely that the students and faculty both will need to wear face masks/coverings except when they are eating or taking nap (young children), and there will be monitored frequent hand washing and sanitizing on campuses. 

Team sports that can’t be played with physical distancing won’t resume. After-school programs will be limited, and activities that require students and teachers to be in close contact over extended periods of time won't resume either.

Per LAUSD, reopening of the schools will significantly increase the interaction between children and adults from different families, and testing will protect the many, and tracing will be important. It is presumed that weekly testings and some sort of tracing will be in place when kids eventually return to school.

You can find these guidelines on Public Health’s website later today.


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