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The Complete Back-To-School Guide For Fall 2021 For LAUSD Students!

What to expect for 2021-2022 school year at LAUSD?

It is official! Students will be back on campus 5 days a week for a full day of in-person instruction starting August 6, 2021. And Beyond the Bell Programs will provide after school programming from the end of the school day to 6 p.m. for elementary and secondary school students.

The Complete Guide For Back-To-School For Fall 2021 For LAUSD Students!

Spending a day on campus will look and feel very similar to what school was like before campuses closed, but with a few extra precautions to make sure students can learn and play safe and comfortably. Students must wear their masks at all times, except for eating and drinking (indoor or outdoor). But no social distancing is required at this time. There are no minimum capacity requirements either, and you will not see the 6 feet distancing signs at LAUSD schools.


Robust safety protocols are in place at all campuses, including needed personal protective equipment, frequent disinfecting, and hand cleaning.

There are upgraded air filtration systems in 80 million square feet of school buildings.

There are increased staffing to effectively clean and disinfect schools every night after each school day.

Restrooms and handwashing sinks in classrooms are stocked with soap and paper towels.

Hand sanitizer stations are available in locations throughout campus.

Face Masks will be required for all students, staff, and visitors while on campus.

Daily Health Checks will be required for all students, staff, and visitors before going to the campus. The Daily Pass ( can be used to answer questions prior to going on campus, or questions can be answered verbally before entry. Parents sign-in to the Daily Pass using their Parent Portal account and password. Parents can create a Parent Portal account visiting

COVID Testing For Back-To-School

COVID testings for back-to-school start on August 2, 2021, and any testing done on or after August 2, 2021 will be valid for back-to-school. If you are unable to go to your own school for testing, you can go to any other locations for testing. It is preferred that you make an appointment for the back-to-school COVID test at But Walk-ins are also welcomed.

Weekly COVID Testing at School

LAUSD will perform weekly COVID tests from all the students and staff. Parents don’t need to do anything for the weekly tests. The tests will be performed on campuses by LAUSD health official. You can request for saliva tests if your child in not comfortable with the nasal tests. You need to request at your own school for these tests.


Students ages12 and older and family members of Los Angeles Unified students are eligible to receive vaccinations at LAUSD school-based community vaccination centers. But vaccination is not mandatory.


Students will be able to use playground equipment and enjoy sports during recess or nutrition. However, students must wear their mask at all times, indoor and outdoor, except for eating and drinking.


All students will be able to get meals at no charge this year. Breakfast will be provided to students in the morning, lunch will be served in the cafeteria, and supper may be eaten on campus or taken home. Students will be able to eat meals with friends.


More reading and math teachers will be available this year to support elementary students.

There will be more teachers in secondary schools to provide more individualized instruction.

There will be more opportunities for one-on-one tutoring and personalized learning support.

There will be virtual field trips, real-life cultural experiences, and more available to students.

There will be increased course offerings for secondary students for enrichment and credit recovery, and updated technology for all students who need it.

The Complete Guide For Back-To-School For Fall 2021 For LAUSD Students!

Virtual Independent Study Program

An Online Independent Study Program will also be available for families with medical, social-emotional, or other concerns. Students will receive daily live online instruction for part of the day and complete independent work when not learning directly with a teacher. This program will be an independent study program run through the City of Angels school, meaning students may not be learning from teachers at their current school.

The Study Program will be offered 3 hours a day for elementary students, and Three 70-minute periods per day (with at least 40 minutes of direct student-teacher time per period) for secondary students.

Families can choose for their child to participate in the Online Independent Study Program by August 6 by registering in the Parent Portal, or by visiting the City of Angels website at or by calling (213) 443-1300.



How will this school year be the same as pre-pandemic school?

This school year will feel similar to pre-pandemic school in many ways! All students will have access to a full day of school and enrichment activities until 6 p.m. Middle and high school students will be able to go to different classes taught by in-person teachers. The majority of students and staff will be back on campuses.

My child is nervous or hesitant about returning to a full day of in-person programming. How can I help them prepare for this change in routine?

Children and adults may feel scared, confused or anxious because of the impact of the pandemic. Practicing routines early and often are very important. If a child is experiencing other mental health challenges, families may contact their local principal or school site administrator to request services from school site providers and local community agencies. Also, families can call the Los Angeles Unified mental health hotline at (213) 241-3840 for further support.

Will parent volunteers be allowed back on campus? The School Volunteer Program will resume in the new school year. A volunteer guide will be available before the first day of school at Any visitor coming on campus must review the Daily Health Check screening questions. It is highly encouraged for on-campus volunteers to be vaccinated before they volunteer on campus, however, it is not currently a requirement to volunteer on campus.

Can my family switch between online and in-person instruction within the semester? Students may switch between the online City of Angels school and in-person learning at any time. This should be done selectively as it will require switching teachers and schools. City of Angels and the home school will work together on a transition plan to assist the student in switching between the Online Program and in-person learning with the least amount of disruption to their learning as possible.

If high school seniors participate at City of Angels, can they graduate with their home school or do they graduate with the online program? High school seniors participating in the City of Angels Online Program can participate in the graduation ceremonies at their current school with principal's approval. City of Angels holds its own graduation as well.

What will happen if my child has to quarantine? You will be notified by the Community Engagement team in the Office of COVID Response if your child has to quarantine. Each quarantine situation is unique. While your child is at home, they will continue their learning with the curriculum currently used by the class or teacher using Schoology. Your child will stay in their home school and will not be placed into the City of Angels online program.

What is the Parent Portal and how can I access it? The Parent Portal is a website where families may access their child's information and also access resources. The site includes direct link to Schoology (your child's virtual classroom) and the Daily Pass. Also included in the site is your child's attendance, access to grades and assignments, and access to update emergency contact information to name a few. To open an account visit Once you register an email will be sent to you where you will be asked to establish a password. This account is solely for your use. Your spouse/partner must open their own account to access student information.

Will all school sites provide after school services for TK-2, or just some? LAUSD is working on adding kindergarten and first grade after school care at all sites. They will confirm this before the start of school.

To learn more about return to school, please visit LAUSD's website.

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