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The Best Kept Secret in Baseball is Out!

Last week, we were invited to the Dodger's Stadium by Smart & Final. You may wonder what Smart & Final has to do anything with baseball. Well, the secret is out! Smart & Final has partnered up with Dodger's Stadium and wants you to know that you can bring your own food and snack to the Stadium!

When I heard this news, I thought to myself, what a great idea for families with kids. We were so excited to be taking our kid to his first ballgame! We packed him up, and headed over to Smart and Final for all the things we needed. He was having such a blast going up and down the aisles picking out his favorite snacks for the Dodger's game. We picked up Takis, Pringles, Doritos, Pop Tarts and bottled water at first, and then of course we couldn't leave without peanuts, and Cracker Jacks.

The best part about bringing everything to the game - aside from the obvious savings - was having everything we needed there at our seats. When my kid wanted chips, we had chips. When he wanted cookies, we had cookies. I was the supper parent! And I didn't have to get up hundred times to get what my kid wanted, and for once I could relax and watch my favorite game with my kiddo.

The point is you can have a great time out, not break the bank, and have the snacks and food you and your child like right there with you. And for families with dietary restrictions, they'll find this comforting as well. That they can have a night out without having to worry about what is available for them at the Stadium.

To promote their selection of delicious and easy game day essentials, Smart & Final created their own game day check-list for you! Leave us comments and let us know what are your game day essentials!

For more information about what you can and can't take to the Stadium, click here.

Next time, you want to have an extra special fun with your kids, we highly recommend packing your food bag at Smart & Final and heading to the Dodger's Stadium, knowing you can relax watching your favorite game with your family without getting up hundred times to get what your kids need and want. We also recommend staying till the end of the game to watch the fireworks!

To find your nearest Smart & Final, click here.

Dodgers and Smart & Final


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review, but Smart & Final provided us with tickets to the game, a gift card to shop at Smart & Final, and vouchers to shop at the Dodger Stadium's store. All opinions are my own.


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