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Newsom: Reopening California Will Begin This Week!

Today Governor Gavin Newsom announced that some stores across the state can reopen with modifications as early as Friday, May 8th just in time for Mother's Day!

“We are entering into the next phase this week,” Newsom said at his Monday news conference. “This is a very positive sign and it’s happened only for one reason: The data says it can happen.”

Bookstores, music stores, clothing stores, toy stores, florists, sporting goods retailers, and others can reopen for pickup, and manufacturing and logistics can resume in the retail supply chain. Newsom said more detailed guidelines on the businesses that can resume limited operations would be released later this week.

Office buildings, shopping malls and restaurant dining rooms will not be reopened Friday, but later on in Stage 2.

The move to Stage 2 of the state’s reopening plan, which is set to begin Friday, will ultimately allow more businesses deemed to be at lower risk of spreading the virus to open in communities across California.

The Newsom administration has said Stage 3 would begin in “months” and include the opening of hair salons, gyms, sports competitions in empty stadiums and religious services.

The final stage would mark the end of the stay-at-home order and all restrictions, allowing people to return to concerts and sporting events, which the governor has noted is unlikely to occur until a vaccine becomes widely available.



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