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Last Chance To Lock in 2019 Ticket Price for Disneyland!

If you're planning a Disneyland trip anytime in 2020, don't wait any longer. Disneyland just raised their ticket prices today. But for a limited time you can get the 2019 price when you buy your tickets through Get Away Today.

Save up to $75 per ticket if you buy your tickets before February 20, 2020.

You can combine this offer to save even more:

  • Combine with Free Night hotel deals and discounts at Disneyland Resort Hotels and others.

  • Use coupon code Tips10Trips to save an extra $10 on your Disneyland hotel and ticket package.

  • Save up to $111 with the Kids Spring Offer on 3-Day tickets for travel by May 21, 2020.

  • Save up to $131 with the SoCal Resident Ticket offer on 3-Day tickets for travel by May 21, 2020.

"Get Away Today" also has a layaway plan. You can lock in the old ticket price for $175 down, then pay for your vacation on your schedule, until five days before your trip. Learn more at

This post is mainly informational. We are not affiliated with Get Away Today or Disneyland.


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