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LA County Retail Stores Can Reopen for In-Store Shopping as of Tomorrow!

Today, Mayor Garcetti announced that as of tomorrow, May 27, 2020, all retail stores in LA County can reopen for in-store shopping with restrictions.

Retailers must implement measures to ensure physical distancing of at least 6 feet between customers and employees, and adjust maximum occupancy to limit the number of people in a store at one time, using no more than 50% maximum occupancy. Customers are all required to wear masks before entering the retail stores. For all the guidelines for retail stores, click here.

This reopening does not include nail shops, barbershops, salons, or restaurants for dine-in in LA County. But, the houses of worships and drive-in movies can reopen too as of tomorrow.

Churches and other houses of worship can only allow 25% of their normal capacity, or 100 people, whichever figure is smaller. Click here for the full guideline for houses of worship.

The health department had approved the reopening of beach bike paths and parking lots, indoor mall curbside service and car parades last week. Newsom has also opened barbershops, and salons in 46 counties but Los Angeles and Marine Counties.

For the full list of places that are open this week, please click here.



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