L.A. Students Must Vaccinate for COVID-19 Before Returning to School!

Updated: Jan 29

Austin Beutner announced on Monday, January 11th, that once COVID-19 vaccines are available to children, Los Angeles students must be immunized against COVID-19 before they can return to school in person!

He also suggested that anyone who wants to be on campus, must be vaccinated, and compared staff and others getting a COVID-19 vaccine to those who are tested for tuberculosis before they go to campus.

Beutner said that he hopes all students would be vaccinated “by this time next year.” But strong safety measures, including physical distancing, improved air filtration and wearing face coverings will also be in place to limit transmission of the virus on campuses. He also announced that online learning will still be available for students whose parents don’t want their children to take the vaccine, and don't want to return to in-person classes.

It is estimated that vaccines would be available as soon as early February for teachers and other essential workers who are slated to be part of the next phase of immunization. However, the two vaccines that are available right now, Pfizer, and Moderna are only available for adults, and no studies have been done yet to test the safety of the the vaccines for children.

For more information about Reopening LA Schools, visit LAUSD's official website.