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If Your Kids Are "Screened Out", You Won't Want to Miss This!

Screened Out is a powerful and timely documentary exploring the life changing effects of screen addiction. Especially during this time as both adults and children are relying on devices to receive updated information, work and study remotely, and keep in contact with family and friends — we have become dependent on our devices.  

I’m sure you’ve been hearing various opinions on the topic during this pandemic. What’s too much? What’s acceptable? How do we find the healthy balance for both ourselves and our children? Directed by Jon Hyatt, a father of three young boys who asked himself "Is my family Screen Addicted?"  The answer was yes.  So he set out to make a film about how we become addicted and what we can do to address the problem.  

Jon recognized that parents are on the front-lines of this "battle" with our devices. The film's message is NOT that screen time is bad, it's about HOW we spend time on our screens. Screened Out does an excellent job of highlighting and analyzing the problem. The film includes interviews with medical experts, leaders of organizations, educators, parents and students.  

The film doesn't shame anyone but points out stats and facts that are pretty shocking - and the role the tech industry has played in getting us hooked on our devices/apps. The same industry that is now playing a crucial role during this pandemic.

Screened Out interviews medical experts, leaders of non-governmental organizations, educators, parents and students. The film is supporting the bi-partisan legislation, the Children and Media Research Advancement Act (CAMRA Act), that would authorize the National Institute of Health to lead a research program on technology and media’s effects on infants, children and adolescents.   The team believes that a conversation about how parents, teachers and young people are coping and addressing these issues should be amplified.

Invite your friends and contacts the Virtual Premiere Screening on Wednesday, May 20th with the filmmaker.

You can follow Screen Out on social media for the latest news, tips on maintaining balance during these trying times, and information about the film.   • Website: • Instagram: @screenedoutfilm • Twitter: @screenedoutfilm • Facebook: @screenedoutfilm 


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