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How to introduce your kids to coding with Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is a global movement that is reaching out to millions of students in 180+ countries by introducing them to one hour of computer science and computer programming. This grass root movement has introduced 100 million students to the basics of computer science.

The goal of the Hour of Code movement is to help teach students and adults how to code in a meaningful, fun, and accessible way. With more than 42,000 events in over 180 countries and resources available in 40 different languages, anyone can learn the basics of coding using an hour of code.

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips to help you introduce your kids to coding with Hour of Code but first, let's define coding.

What is Coding?

Simply put, coding is the act of writing code that can be used in programs. These codes can be executed using a code reader or computer that has a specific function or set of functions.

Coding has created new and exciting opportunities around the world for everyone willing to learn how to code. There are several reasons why you should learn to code. They include the following:

● Coding is fun. Learning how to code will help you build your website from scratch and even developer responsive games or program data analysis in a fun way.

● Coding provides you with the valuable skills and experience you need to build a career as a programmer

● Coding provides job security because there is a huge demand for programmers all over the world. This has opened a lot of job opportunities in the field.

How to get started with Hour of Code

It's easy to introduce your kids to coding in a fun way that makes them laugh and learn using Hour of Code. Aside from the fact that it is simple to run, you don't need an experience in teaching or computer science to do so.

Moreover, this can either be done using a smartphone, computer, or tablet or completely unplugged. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Explore activities and tutorials

There are numerous Hour of Code activities available especially if you have access to the internet and you need to choose the activity that is most suitable for you. Before engaging your kids to code using Hour of Code, make sure you explore the different options available ahead of time.

This will help you guide your kids on the best coding exercises they will enjoy. These coding activities vary and teach kids to incorporate critical thinking and problem-solving in a fun and creative way.

There are also options available for people with limited or no technology. In all, choose the most suitable option that will encourage your kids to learn the basics of coding in a fun way.

2. Prepare ahead of time

Having made your selection, you may need to go through the tutorials available first before introducing them to your kids. This way, you have an idea of what they will expect in case they need your guidance.

If your kids are learning at home, we recommend providing them with headphones especially if they are using separate devices. This will help them engage in different coding activities without distracting each other.

However if only one device is available, or you want to make the learning process more, choose an option that encourages your kids to partner up and help each other solve problems. Moreover, this will help them see coding as a social and collaborative activity.

3. Solve problems together

If you and your kids are new to coding, you have nothing to worry about. Here are a few tips to use when introducing your kids to coding with an hour of code;

● Explain to them the different ways through which technology can impact their lives. You can relate it with their goals and hobbies.

● List things around their environment that can either be designed or upgraded using coding.

● Tell them how great you think they'll be when they learn how to code.

● When your kids face difficulties, remain positive and keep encouraging them till they figure out a creative way to solve the problem.

4. Don’t forget to celebrate!

As a global event, you deserve to celebrate with your kids for participating. Look for special and fun ways to make them feel happy for being a part of the movement. You can decide to reward them with a gift or customize a certificate for them.


How Will My Kids Benefit From an Hour of Code?

There are numerous benefits of introducing your kids to coding using Hour of code. First, this will help prepare them for a potential career in web development, software development, and other opportunities in the job market.

It will also stretch their minds and help them think better which is great for sharpening their thinking skills. You kids will also learn the importance of discipline, patience, paying attention to details, and other valuable skills.

The skills they learn can also be applied to real-life events and not just programming. You are certain that their future is secured.

How Did Hour of Code Start

The Hour of Code started during Computer Science Education Week in December 2013. Here an ‘Hour of Code Challenge’ was organized online where students were invited to complete tutorials using a programming language similar to Scratch; Blockly.

Several influential figures from Bill Gates to then President Obama supported the program and in the end, more than 20 million people participated.

Today, the Hour of Code has exceeded classroom levels and is being practiced all over the world. The best thing is that over 100 million global students have been involved thus far, with girls being given a bigger opportunity to learn how to code than ever before.

What Happens in an Hour?

Here, your kids are being introduced to the basics of coding either by using a screen device or otherwise. Hour of code uses fun, drag & drop based languages like Blockly or Scratch to teach your kids to code.

Who Can Teach an Hour of Code?

Hour of Code can be self-directed; however, parents and teachers can plan and organize the most suitable way for kids to learn how to code using Hour of Code.


Having discussed everything, you need to know about coding with Hour of Code, you can inspire your kids to join millions of students across the country in this global event. Take the above-mentioned steps and introduce coding to your home today.


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