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Fun & Smart Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day!

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home With Your Family!

This year, make valentine's day a love day for the entire family and celebrate at home with kids! We've got some wonderful ideas to have an amazing evening on valentine's day with your family. Keep reading to find out more!

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day 2021 at home

Here are 15 cool ideas to have fun on Valentine's Day at Home:

Decorate your home to the max with fun Valentine's Day decorations! The love will be literally around you this Valentine's Day with some heart-shaped balloons, banners, and other decorations. Click here for some ideas we have found for you on Amazon.

Put matching read Pjs on, and celebrate Valentine's Day in style! You would love taking family photos in your read pajamas for this special day. Check out some of the cool Pjs we've found on Amazon for you.

Cookies make everyone happy, and there is not a better way to show your love to your sweetheart or your sweet family on Valentine's Day with these sweet heart-shaped cookies that we've found for you on "delish".

Chill out in your Pjs and watch some classic romantic movies that are also kids friendly. Click here for a list of romantic movies that every member of your family would love.

Camp Out in Your Backyard

If you have camping gears, set up a tent in the middle of the yard, or middle of your living room, and camp out with your loved ones!

Have a Karaoke Night

Have a Karaoke night with everyone in the family! Karaoke is a great bonding experience with your partner and all the members of the family. Purchase this bestselling karaoke microphone and enjoy singing your favorite love songs!

Play an online game with your family with 360-degree Virtual Experiences from Escape Room LA, which are as close as you can get to being in a real escape room!

Photo Booths are always fun! Set up a photo booth at your house and take cute pictures with your significant other, and with your kid(s)! Click here for some cool ideas.

Play games like Valentine's Day Bingo, or Valentine's Day Word game with your partner and get the kids involved, and have some laughs together!

Take a YouTube Tango Lesson and learn how to dance the Tango with your partner. The kids can also learn alongside you!

Have a blast having a family fun cardio workout on YouTube!

Have a Dance Party

Put some romantic or energetic music and have a blast dancing together, and get your heart rate up!


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