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Flying Is the Cheapest on This Day: Here's How to Save Money When Flying!

Travel during the fall and around the holidays may be on your mind as summer winds down. If so, we'll tell you when to book your flight to save the most money. The team at Google Flights looked at five years' worth of airfare data to find patterns on the cheapest days to fly, the best time to book your flights during each season and more. These are eight Google travel tips we have discovered.

How to Save Money When Flying!

The cheapest day to fly

Google says it's cheaper to fly during the middle of the week rather than on the weekend. If you're planning to fly, you may wish to seek out the cheapest fare. According to Google, flying on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday is 12% to 20% cheaper than weekend flights. Google says that traveling on Sunday is costly. Booking a layover flight rather than a nonstop flight can also save you about 20% if you are willing to spend extra time getting to your destination.

When should you buy your plane tickets

There isn't much value in purchasing your plane tickets on a certain day of the week, contrary to popular belief. According to Google, that's not true. According to Google, shopping for flights between Tuesday and Thursday rather than the weekend has only been 1.9% cheaper on average over the past five years.

The Right time to book your flight

The good thing about booking your trip far in advance is that you can avoid a price rise. According to Google, domestic flight prices are at their lowest 21 to 60 days before your trip. However, this may not apply to your specific destination. It's up to you to decide how early you should book an international flight.

Book flights during each season at the right time

The best time to book for upcoming holidays and vacation times was broken by Google. Flights around Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular, so start looking now if you're planning to travel. Google says the lowest flight prices around Thanksgiving are booked between 36 and 74 days in advance. For Christmas, keep an eye out for flights 88 days in advance, as the lowest prices occur 22 days before departure, but seats may be sold out so close to departure.

Are you already thinking about spring break travel? Luckily, you don't have to start looking at flights now. According to Google, domestic trips in March and April have usually had their lowest prices between 23 and 59 days before departure, with their lowest price occurring at 38 days out.

Your summer getaway may be finished now, but you can still start planning for next year's trip. Domestic trips that begin in July or August offer the lowest prices, with the lowest average prices being 21 days before departure.

Checking Google Flights before you buy a plane ticket can tell you if you're getting ripped off.

Type in your destination, near or far, select your dates, and find a perfect stay!

Other ways to find deals with Google Flights

Google recommends comparing flight prices across different days to see if you're getting a good deal or overpaying. Look up your destination to see how much a similar flight costs in the last 12 months. Some searches will also indicate if the price is expected to rise in the future.

Google Flights can track prices for you. To enable this feature, check the box next to Track prices and include your travel dates. Google will notify you if the prices change for the dates you selected if you don't have a specific week planned for traveling. You can receive a notification if the price drops for flights departing in the next three to six months if you select Any dates.

How to Save Money When Flying!


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