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Comparison of Movie and Book ‘Hidden Figures’ for Children’School Research!


Are you a history buff? Maybe you enjoy learning about all things space-related. Well, then consider discovering the gripping story of a group of African American female mathematicians portrayed in “Hidden Figures.” These women played a pivotal role in NASA’s launch of John Glenn into outer space.

However, if you are a college student researching this subject, the emerging question is: Which is better, the movie or the original book? In this article, we will dive into a comparison between these two mediums. From the plot’s accuracy to the story’s theme, we will evaluate the creative outlets and which one you should resort to.

Comparison of Movie and Book ‘Hidden Figures’ for Children’School Research!

Importance & Value of ‘Hidden Figures

One can extract various lessons from the movie and book ‘Hidden Figures.’ Firstly, this story is an essential portrayal of African American women in a time when segregation and discrimination were prevalent. As a student, you will benefit from exploring free examples of "Hidden Figures" essay and topics on the subject. Writing essays on the case allows you to understand accurate historical representation better. Moreover, you begin understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion, then utilize it to inspire your studies and work.

Moreover, as a college student, understanding the essence of diversity in STEM fields is essential. White men still dominate the STEM fields. Hence, by illustrating the talent and intellect of the women in this story, both the book and the movie challenge the preexisting nature of this workforce. Moreover, ‘Hidden Figures’ is one of the best examples of how history can be retold. The story of these influential women was under wraps until the book came out. Such instances remind us of how marginalized groups have been excluded from society.

Historical Accuracy: ‘Hidden Figures’ Book Vs. Movie

The book and movie are based on actual events and incorporate real names. However, they both illustrate some historical inaccuracies. Below is a deeper analysis of the two.

Actual life events vs. fictionalized elements

The book ‘Hidden Figures’ was written by Margot Lee Shetterly. It is a non-fiction work that focuses mainly on the process these women followed to help win the space race. Similar to any other book, this one contains some fictionalized elements. Conversations and internal thoughts might not be portrayed accurately. While they are based on historical research, they are not verifiable.

As for the movie, the creativity that it includes provides a margin for error. It has additional composite characters and alterations for dramatic effects. However, the big picture of the movie still retains the actual real-life events.

Changes and omissions in the movie

The movie changes the book to streamline the story and include more cinematic elements. For instance, one of the main characters, Katherine Goble, is shown skipping some high school grades. However, in reality, and as reflected in the book, she graduates at 14. Moreover, the movie doubles down on the personal aspects of the characters and eliminates historical and scientific details. For instance, the book begins by discussing the World War II. Yet, the movie commences by portraying Katherine as a teenager naming geometric shapes. In a gist, the book discusses more details about segregation and discrimination in the US.

Comparison of Movie and Book ‘Hidden Figures’ for Children’School Research!

The historical context of the book and the movie

For many, a spell for good grades is diving deeper into the historical accuracy of portrayed events. The book sheds a brighter light on the accuracy of such events. For example, the book details how segregation affected women’s daily lives. This includes having to use separate bathrooms and drinking fountains. However, one of the leading movie’s memorable plots is when Katherine is seen running across the NASA campus to get to the bathroom. However, that did not happen in real life. Katherine states that she used the white restroom daily without realizing it.

Moreover, the book details the Civil Rights Movement and how it impacted women’s lives. For instance, it elaborates on how women were involved in organizations and used their positions at NASA to advocate for equality. On the other hand, the movie depicts a broader image of these instances. It represents characters watching Martin Luther King Jr.’s television speech. There is another scene where Dorothy Vaughan takes her kids to see some protests.

Adaptation and Creativity: ‘Hidden Figures’ Book Vs. Movie

There are more contrasts and similarities when it comes to the creative aspects of the adaptations. Similar to how a student contract for grades boils down to compelling essays and writings, the book was written in such a way as to draw attention. It is structured around individual characters and how they contributed to the space program. However, the movie involves a traditional narrative approach. It also adds subplots and character arcs. For instance, Al Harrison is a fictional character combining three NASA directors.

Reception and Impact: ‘Hidden Figures’ Book Vs. Movie

Both the book and movie had their impact on the world. The book ‘Hidden Figures’ was a critical and commercial success that became a New York Times bestseller. The film also received praise for its performances and inspirational messages. It was nominated for various awards. That said, such representations make it an essential topic for grading college papers and writing research paper. Its legacy will endure for years to come and will always serve as an inspirational reminder for generations of women and people of color.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the story behind ‘Hidden Figures’ is powerful and draws in people from everywhere. Whether you read the book or watch the movie, you will gain valuable insights into the plot. The themes that portray the storyline of these African American women shed light on past social barriers.

Even if you are not interested in historical events, the story depicted is inspirational. While the movie and the book offer a unique perspective, each has its own value. For instance, the book provides more details and more accurate events. The film, however, provides a more engaging and inspiring representation.



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