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Best Places to Buy Lamy Fountain Pens in Los Angeles!

Lamy fountain pens strike an amazing balance between affordability, reliability, and great design. You can easily find one that suits your needs whether you require a simple beginner pen for your kids or a suave model that you can use yourself to journal or bring along to important occasions.

LA may not be particularly famous for its fountain pen culture but don't count it out just yet. You can find authentic Lamy fountain pens in Los Angeles at great prices if you know where to look.

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For example, if you prefer the convenience of online shopping, stocks an impressive selection of Lamy fountain pens and other essentials such as Lamy ink and notebooks. The specs of each pen are also well-outlined to give you sufficient insight to make the right pick.

On the other hand, if you enjoy exploring stationery shops and testing your fountain pens in person before making a purchase, here are a couple of stores that are certainly worth checking out.


1324 Flower St,

Los Angeles, CA 90015

You could easily walk past this store thinking that it only offers drafting supplies and model-building tools. However, if you step inside, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it stocks so much more.

This store's range of products includes paints and painting accessories, hobby supplies, and architectural drafting supplies. You will also find fountain pens, notebooks, pencils, and other writing equipment in the art supplies aisle.

The selection of Lamy fountain pens is quite generous but leans heavily towards Lamy Safari and Lamy Al-Star. They are available in different color finishes as well as fine, medium, and broad nib options. Nevertheless, the inventory is refreshed regularly so there is always a chance that you could discover more items when you visit.

Architects Corner, additionally, offers the benefit of a one-stop-shop because it also stocks Lamy converters, Lamy replacement nibs, Lamy inks, and ink cartridges.

1078 Gayley Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Flax Pen to Paper is a family-owned business that is well-known as a great spot to find fine writing instruments. When you walk into the store, you can quickly understand why. The ambiance is just right for anyone that enjoys marveling at, comparing, and selecting writing tools.

The store dates back to the '50s. It carries a broad array of pens, stationery paper, journals, photo albums, paperweights, leather goods, and lots of gift-worthy items.

The fountain pens will have you spoiled for choice. They include brands such as TSWBI, Pilot, Lamy, Pelikan, Namiki, Montegrappa, and many others.

This store further goes the extra mile and can source specific fountain pens editions or accessories on request. The staff could also help you find the right kind of paper to match the type of Lamy pen that you choose.

If you are looking for day-to-day Lamy fountain pens, Flax Pen to Paper stocks the Lamy Safari and the Lamy Studio. You could also have your pick of other models like the special edition Lamy Studio LX, the Lamy 2000, or the Lamy Joy Calligraphy fountain pen.

For maintenance or if you would like to customize your Lamy pen, this store carries all Lamy nib sizes and nib sections for replacements. Lamy inks and cartridges are also available.

7301 Beverly Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90036

The quirky 'Blick Art Materials at Beverly Boulevard is hard to miss. It invites you to discover a world of art supplies and the store delivers all that and more.

Fountain pens are located at the 'drawing' section along with other writing and illustration instruments. The selection of brands is rather interesting. It comprises options like Caran d'Ache, Zebra, Sheaffer, Faber-Castell, Manuscript, and a few others that are not often available in most stores.

That aside, Dick Blick Materials equally carries Pilot and Lamy fountain pens. The Lamy Safari, Lamy 2000, Lamy Vista, Lamy Studio, and Lamy Joy Calligraphy fountain pens all make an appearance on the shelves. Other Lamy essentials like ink, converters, and cartridges will also catch your eye among the sprawling rows.

One specific upside to this store is its frequent sales and discounts. There are also multiple Dick Blick Materials stores across the country and so, if you are only in LA for a short visit and like what you find, you could always find a branch near your hometown.

123 Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka St #205

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Shopping at a Kinokuniya store is a unique experience. The display of well-organized books, comics, and Manga merchandise gives the store character and charm that is unique to it. It certainly makes you feel like you are in Little Tokyo.

Beyond the books and comics, Kinokuniya offers a diverse collection of stationery supplies and gifts items like printed t-shirts, tote bags, and pen pouches. Kinokuniya has multiple branches across the USA. While the store concept is the same, different stores carry different collections of fountain pens.

This particular LA branch mainly offers Japanese fountain pen brands like Pilot and Platinum. They also carry different Lamy pens like the Lamy Safari and Lamy 2000. You could also find inks to go with your pens and quality notebooks from top brands such as Midori and Leuchturm.

Admittedly, some of the Lamy pens at Kinokuniya can be priced a little higher than in other stores. The difference is, however, not spectacularly huge.


Fountain pen shops in Los Angeles have much to offer but do not get as much credit as they deserve. Some like the beloved Fountain Pen Shop that was run by the legendary Fred Kinkie had such a rich history and will be sorely missed among LA fountain pen enthusiasts.

However, stores like those on this list are reliable and offer pleasantly distinct experiences. So, if you take the time to explore what the city's fountain pen market has to offer, it is unlikely that you would lack a Lamy pen to suit your writing needs.




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