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Be a Great Parent Through Every Stage of Your Child’s Life!

Raising children is one of life’s most rewarding challenges. It has its difficult moments, but seeing your youngster grow up into the person you know they have the potential to be is a great gift. Here are some guidelines for what you should be instilling in them for every age!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Younger children

When your kids are younger, this is the time to lay the building blocks of what they will learn as older children and young adults.

● Teach your kids money management techniques by giving them an allowance and giving them permission to spend or save it.

● Instill time management by teaching them how to read clocks and calendars -- and make it fun. Give them specific blocks of time to achieve certain activities.

● Kids of all ages need to learn how to be kind to others, but it starts early.

Older children (pre-teens and teenagers)

Once your kids reach the pre-teen and puberty years, they have different needs. They’re growing emotionally, and you need to foster that development while at the same time giving them their space.

● Teenagers need their own space, and independence helps them learn how to carve out part of their identity away from the family dynamic.

● Show them respect and courtesy, but set firm rules as well.

● Have frequent conversations about your expectations and be clear about said expectations.

● Above all, choose your battles wisely. Figuring out how to ride the line between arguing about everything and arguing about nothing is a difficult skill, but it’s necessary.

Tip: Be a role model for your kids

Children learn by emulating their parents and other adults. Making sure you’re exhibiting good behavior and being a kind, empathetic person goes a long way toward teaching them what matters. It’s also important to take care of yourself.

● Show them they should put education first by proving its importance in your life. Go back to school and earn a master’s degree in business administration to further your career!

● Make sure you are a good listener for your kids and show affection to them.

● You should also explain to your child that everyone makes mistakes, and their role models can as well. But showing everyone compassion and empathy is critical.

● A good role model also has multiple interests and is a lifelong learner. This doesn’t have to be traditional education, either -- learning a new musical instrument counts!

With great power comes great responsibility… and you have been given the power to change someone’s life and give them the foundation to a successful, happy life. You can do this!

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