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6 Kids Friendly Activities To Do in Los Angeles For Tourists!

When you live in a big city, you can easily take a short flight to Los Angeles, where many famous kids’ destinations are available. Once you set out for a tour with your kids in Los Angeles, you may feel overwhelmed with variety of available places. Instead of visiting places that are cliché, indulge your kids in fun activities so that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. In this article, I will navigate you through 6 places that you can visit in a single short flight to Los Angeles.

What is the best mode of travel?

The places that I am going to suggest are on the outskirts of Los Angeles, so I highly suggest a short flight to get there through LAX. According to, it is easy to navigate short trips to children’s favorite destinations in and around Los Angeles, and if you’re traveling during the summer season, you wouldn’t want to put your kids on the road in a car in the scorching heat of the sun.

6 kid-friendly activities and places to visit:

1. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

If you are visiting Los Angeles for the first time with your kids, you cannot overlook Disneyland. Summer season is the best time to visit Disneyland because of the cool water rides around the little Mermaid theme. Your kids are surely going to have a great experience when you go there with them.

2. Children’s Museum at La Habra

The intriguing point about this museum is that it has been specially designed for kids, and is not as crowded as the conventional museums are. It has a small carousel, electric trains and a room where kids can play. The museum also has an “on stage” exhibition where kids can have fun and try different costumes. The interesting thing is that every room has fun activities where children can spend hours easily.

3. California Science Center

If you intend to spend half of the day at a very interesting place for your kids, the California science center is the ultimate stop. There are plenty of things for kids to see and do. It is located within the Exposition Park. The interesting thing about it is that there are many discovery rooms where kids can play and learn a lot of science facts. You will also get a chance to see and play around with hurricane simulator. The most important eye-catching place in the Science Center is where Space Shuttle Endeavour is incorporated. There you can make your kids learn about space.

4. Griffith Park

Child-friendly attractions grab the eyeballs of the little munchkins fast. If you want all of those attractions in one place, Griffith Park is the ultimate place to get all things in one place. There are major three attractions in the park. The first one is Griffith Observatory where your kids can learn about astronomy and see various science exhibits. Second is the Los Angeles Zoo where your children will get an opportunity to learn about more than 1100 mammals. The third one is Travel Town, where kids can enjoy some fun time in miniature trains.

5. Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens is an urban retreat of year-round natural beauty with spectacular seasonal horticultural displays. There's always something to see at Descanso Gardens. Whether you love lots of colorful spring bloom, winter camellias or the year-round majesty of our oaks, check out what's in bloom at different times of the year. Allow your kids to play around with nature and let them be themselves for some time. If you keep your kids accustomed to playing and having fun in a self-created world, they will always crave for more.

6. Universal Studios Hollywood

Are your kids obsessed with cartoon characters? If yes, you cannot escape Universal Studios. This Hollywood park is not as big as Orlando, so your trip will easily get completed in a day. There are many rides, and entertaining shows that kids will certainly enjoy. Don’t forget to take the backlot tour that takes you behind the scenes. After enjoying a great time in the park, you can have a nice family dinner at Universal City Walk.

Lastly, make sure that you enjoy the trip to the fullest with your kids. There are many more places around Los Angeles to visit with your little ones. Head on to the home page for more ideas!

By: Marcus Wiseman

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