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2023 Baby Shower Style Guide: 7 Awesome Tips to Perfectly Dress Up

Have a baby shower coming up in 2023? You’re in luck! With the new year fast approaching, there are so many new fashion trends that you can incorporate into your baby shower look. From classic and timeless styles to bold and daring looks, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want some quick tips on how to dress up for the occasion, the 2023 Baby Shower Style Guide is here to help.

We’ve rounded up the top ten tips to help you nail the perfect look for your upcoming shower. From choosing the right colors and fabrics to picking the right accessories, you’ll be sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. So if you’re ready to look your best at the baby shower, read on to find the top seven tips to dress up perfectly for the occasion.

A Baby Shower 🧸🍼

A baby shower is typically an intimate event to celebrate the joy of pregnancy. The concept is to “shower” thoughtful gifts and good wishes before the birth of the newborn. To mark the ceremonial rite, in some cultures, there’s a tradition for friends and family to gather around and suggest baby names to the new parents.

On the contrary, naming ceremonies are a separate event among Maoris of New Zealand, where they gather around to accustom the baby, post birth of the newborn. All the interesting Maori names suggested are connected to their heritage, although it’s ultimately up to the new parents to name their child.

What to Wear in a Baby Shower

Dressing up accordingly for the baby shower party is important to make the most of the party. If you are unsure what to wear, check out the tips below:

1. Summer Baby Shower

You should dress in a breezy outfit that won't make you wilt in the heat if you're going to a baby shower in the summer. Avoid wearing anything tight-fitting, revealing, or low-cut to a baby shower because it is regarded as "bad form" to do so.

Though a summer dress might be the most proper one, don't give up hope just yet if you're not a flowing, flowery kind of person. You may pick from several other options. For slightly dressier events, you can wear a casual tank dress or a jumpsuit with wide-leg pants. An off-the-shoulder design is also a good option. A maxi bohemian dress that will be suitable for all of your forthcoming summer events can be a great pick too.

2. Winter Baby Shower

Your winter calendar may be empty, jam-packed with a hectic schedule of events and parties, or anywhere in between. In either case, it might be challenging to dress for a wintertime baby shower in ways you don't experience with summer occasions.

Almost any dress will do in the summer to get you dressed and ready. However, if you're attending a baby shower in winter, you need to think about whether it will be chilly, rainy, or snowy and how it will affect the clothing you pick.

Additionally, you'll need to think about how traditional the baby shower would be as well as your finances. In this case, an ordinary "ho-hum" bohemian dress can give a festive twist with a charming red color. With leggings, a cowl-neck sweater might be worn casually, or it can be dressed up a little with slacks. When the party is not formal, good quality pants might look fashionable with the correct shirt.

3. Spring Baby Shower

It may be a nightmare to figure out what to wear for any spring function. Trying to forecast outside weather at this period of the year is nearly impossible unless you reside somewhere where the weather could be predicted.

The best option may be a dress with a blank canvas partnered with jewelry, a jacket, or other accessories to create a perfect gorgeous look. In a women's lace pant pair, you may take off the jacket and swap out the blouse for two entirely distinct outfits. A floral halter neck dress can be versatile enough to be worn to your springtime baby shower as well.

4. High Tea Baby Shower

Elegant clothing is required for the high tea baby shower. Cocktail dresses or other non-casual attire are acceptable. You can also wear a long-sleeved blouse featuring ruffled cuffs when a dress isn't your thing. However, the major suggestion for this topic is to dress elegantly and modestly.

If you lack the money to invest in a formal high tea costume that you'll only wear once, go for separates that you may pair with other pieces from your current wardrobe. The most adaptable colors are neutral ones, and you may adjust the appearance for other events by adding accessories.

5. At-Home Baby Shower

A baby shower party at home is generally a laid-back event. There are several options for shower attire with this one. So, think of dressing in light clothing for the baby shower, such as a breezy sundress, blousy shorts, a timeless chambray shirt, and cotton slacks.

You may also pick from traditional bootcut jeans and a floral tee or a stunning color party dress with a casual flare. A comfortable, off-the-shoulder romper with an elastic waist can be a great idea too.

6. Outdoor Baby Shower

When having a baby shower outside, a summery dress is typically the default option. However, you can virtually be certain that the expectant mother will be wearing a lovely, flowy summer dress, so you'll want to take care not to resemble the woman of the hour too much.

Heels might be a problem if the shower is being hosted in a backyard or another area that might be grassy. You should wear light summer slacks that look fantastic with classic flats because you don't want to trip over or sink into the floor. With the correct accessories, this style of ensemble may make a style statement.

7. When The Baby Shower is For You

The number one priority should be your comfort. And the second on your list would be to show off that baby bump of yours. So, dress accordingly. While all of the people are showering you with presents and affection, you will not want to be in any physical discomfort.

A wrap maternity dress that is knee-length can be a nice choice. Or perhaps a stylish yet cozy strappy dress. Another option can be a full-length and off-the-shoulder dress to bring out your inner diva. Anything you are comfortable with should be the priority.

Final Words

It is up to your choice how you dress up. But, if you want to keep up with the group or the theme, asking the host is your best bet. Or, you can just go with the aforementioned tips. It will make your visiting time both comfortable and enjoyable.


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