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5 Best Kids Birthday Places and Venues in Los Angeles!

Is your child's’ birthday around the corner and you are not sure where to celebrate? We put together a list of fun kids birthday party places for you to consider. Happy birthday to your loved one and we hope you have a memorable party at one of these venues.

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It is inevitable. The question of “Where are some fun places to go for a birthday party” always comes up when you have to plan one for your kid. It’s important to start planning early so you can arrange the party, but where do you even start looking? LA is full of places to have kids birthday parties, but we’ve listed 7 of our favorites here for you. Take a look!


Not only will you get 2 hours of playtime and 30 minutes to set up, you get 2 trained Bounce instructors to help with the party. This takes a lot of stress off the adults who can take in fresh air on the balcony and enjoy the buffet table. Kids can eat at the chairs and tables set up specifically for them. A themed party is also available.

The kids get to have fun with video games for two full hours when the GameTruck shows up at any location you choose. The birthday kid and their friends can play age-appropriate games on all the newest multiplayer platforms. The GameCoach is there to take care of fair play and host the party for you. This is one of the kids birthday party venues that comes to you!

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Duff’s Cakemix

At Duff’s Cakemix, all of the guests at the birthday kid’s party can decorate their very own cake masterpiece just like Duff. The staff at the cake studio will teach the mechanics of decorating a cake and they can even eat their handy, edible artwork when they are done. Not a lot of kids birthday party places allow everyone to get their own birthday cake.

Are your kids and their friends interested in science and technology? Get their minds and their hands working with a birthday party where they look forward to building robots almost as much as the cake. The build are age-appropriate and the parties include a host and 2 hours of fun. You can add on extras depending on your needs.

There’s nothing quite like rollerskating, or rollerblading if that’s your thing, for a kid’s birthday party. If they are a little older, have them strap on some wheels and have fun on the skating ring. If you are looking for cheap birthday party places for kids, this is one of the best. You get skate rentals, drinks with ice cream, and an announcement to make your birthday boy or girl feel like the center star.

Finding the right place for the special birthday kid in your life doesn’t have to be hard when there are kids birthday party locations like these to choose from. Whatever their age, whatever their personality, whatever your budget… the perfect place to celebrate their birthday is right here waiting for you. Go celebrate!



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