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$1 Margaritas and Cheap Cocktails with a Side of Kiddos!

The long days of summer offer a great chance to spend some quality time with your little ones. But they’re not called the long days of summer for nothing!

Here are few places where you can enjoy a little adult time while still making it about the kiddos, including one where you won’t spend more than $1 on delicious margaritas!

Sign your kids up for “summer camp” at All’Acqua and participate in some activities of your own. Kids under 12 get a Bambini Pizza or Pasta; soft drink, juice, or milk; and a scoop of gelato for $12 while the adults get to take advantage of Happy Hour Menu pricing usually only available at the bar.

Available from 5-7 pm very weekday you might not want to send the kids back to school.

Côté Est (Highland Park)

Not to be outdone; sister property of All’Acqua, Côté Est, is having a camp de vacances of their own. Choose between a Grilled Cheese with Frites, Fried Chicken with Frites, or Macaroni and Cheese along with a beverage and scoop of ice cream for $12. Meanwhile you’ll be sipping on le cocktail at the table, all at bar pricing!

A delicious Côtes de Provence Rosé ($7) and an order of Pomme Frites with Espelette aioli ($3) will cost less than the children’s meal you will most likely be finishing!

Available from 5-7 pm Monday-Friday for kids under 12 and their accompanying adults.

Available now until the end of August, Applebee’s is pouring Strawberry Dollaritas all day long!! This is 10 oz strawberry margarita for only $1, and you don’t even need to order any food to go with it!! But since you’re a responsible parent, let’s assume you might be getting something for your hungry or super hungry tike under the Hungry Kids Menu.

Available for guests under 12, Hungry kids get their choice of 6 entrées like chicken tenders or mini cheeseburgers plus a side and drink for $5.29 while Super Hungry Kids get double the portion and few more menu options for just $1 more!

Looking for a super saver deal? A 4 oz Top Sirloin Steak with a side of Garlic Mashed Potatoes or Mozzarella Sticks and an Apple Juice is only $6.29! Pair that with a Strawberry Dollarita and you’ve got dinner for under $10! Just don’t forget to share it with your super hungry kid!

Yeah I said it! Sure Chuck E. Cheese has Pizza and a Salad Bar, but did you know that mouse also has his liquor license? Beer and Wine is available all day, and it’s totally acceptable to sip and savor while following your little gamer around.

Pricing and availability ranges based on location.

Want more kid friendly places to happily spend an hour? Head to EatDrinkLA.


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