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How to Cut Back on Screen Time!

It’s tempting, especially during the summer, to let kids watch a lot of television and stare at their screens. As you get ready to go back to school, start to put limits on screen time if you haven’t done so during the summer, suggests

1. Be firm. Set limits of no more than an hour or two of TV daily, suggests the American Academy of Pediatrics.

2. Set a good example by not watching a lot of TV yourself. Engage in family activities such as reading or board games.

3. Keep TVs out of your child’s bedroom to limit the temptation.

4. Encourage selective TV viewing. Discourage channel surfing which encourages passive viewing.

5. Replace screen time with outdoor time. Research shows that outdoor time is healthy for kids' minds and bodies.

6. Find educational kid-friendly programs to replace with unproductive programs.

Credit: GreatSchools Staff

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