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Explore The Aquarium Of The Pacific With Your Kids!

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a public aquarium on a 5-acre site on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, and is the fourth most-attended aquarium in the nation. It displays over 11,000 animals in more than 50 exhibits that represent the diversity of the Pacific Ocean. If you haven't been to the Aquarium of the Pacific yet, we highly recommend to make a visit one of these weekends.

One of the popular Exhibits at the Aquarium right now is the "FROGS: Dazzling and Disappearing". This interactive exhibit highlights the beauty of these remarkable animals. You and your kids will discover the dazzling diversity of frogs and their life cycle.

At the Shark Lagoon, you can witness some of the most legendary animals: Sharks! Shark Lagoon features more than 150 sharks, some of which your kids can actually touch! Looking through a viewing window into the large shark exhibit, your kids will be able to come nose-to-nose with sand tiger, zebra, and whitetip reef sharks. There are three shallow touch pools, where you can reach in and touch the gentle sharks. A giant water-squirting squid playground sculpture allows your kids to have fun while learning what it takes for an animal to avoid becoming a shark’s next meal.

You can also explore Sea Jellies at the Jellies Exhibit, and learn about these fascinating creatures, and their importance to our ocean planet. For example, you will learn that Jellies have lived on Earth for at least 500 million years, making them three times as old as dinosaurs. I bit you didn't know that… Did you?


Another fascinating Exhibit at the Aquarium to explore is the Sea Otter Habitat. Watch and learn about Sea Otters as they swim and interact among kelp and fish, and discover their above-water home with realistic rockwork, murals, and lighting. After your visit to the Sea Otter Exhibit, test your knowledge in the Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game on the Aquarium's website.

At Penguin Exhibit, get up-close with twenty Penguins both above and below the water in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, which includes a crawl-in space. You will feel as if you are in the exhibit with these animals. The exhibit features a rocky area and beach that resembles the penguins’ natural habitat, a pool for swimming, and nesting areas. You will also find Life-sized models of penguins which is perfect for taking pictures of your kids and the penguins!




Save up to 25% when you purchase tickets at any Southern California Auto Club branch. Or, receive 10% off adult, child, and senior admission when you present your AAA member card at Aquarium ticket windows or purchase from the AAA website. Valid for up to four discounts.

Aquarium/Battleship IOWA Combo

Visit the Aquarium and the USS IOWA for one low price! That’s just $35.95 for adult/senior (ages 12+ save up to $13.95), $25.95 for child/youth (ages 6-11 save $3.95), and $15.95 for toddler (ages 3-5 save $2). Purchase tickets.

Aquarium/L.A. Zoo Combo

Visit the Aquarium and the Los Angeles Zoo for one great price— $41 for adults (save $9.95), $28 for children (save $5.95) and $40 for seniors (save $4.95). Purchase tickets.

Aquarium/Natural History Museum Combo

Visit the Aquarium and the Natural History Museum for just $33 for adults (save $7.95), $17 for children (save $2.95) and $29 for seniors (save $5.95). Purchase tickets.

Aquarium/L.A. Zoo/Natural History Museum Combo

Visit all three attractions and save—$51 for adults (save $11.95), $32 for children (save $6.95) and $47 for seniors (save $6.95). Purchase tickets.

Aquarium/Queen Mary Combo

Visit the Aquarium and the Queen Mary for one great price—$44.95 for adults and $28.50 for children. Purchase tickets.

Edited by Angela M. Cantoni.

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