In the castle of the rich, self-centered Prince, an old woman suddenly appears and begs him for shelter. When the arrogant Prince refuses her pleas, the old woman (an enchantress) turns him into a Beast. The spell can only be broken when the Beast is humbled and someone loves him for who he is inside, not what he looks like.

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win 3 tickets to this enchanting live show at Nine O'Clock Players in Hollywood, and find out for yourself if the Beast can find someone to love him as a Beast to break the spell.

Nine O'Clock Players has been educating, uplifting and entertaining children since 1929, and this holiday season, they are wowing the audience with the enchanting live show of Enchantment of the Beauty and the Beast.

See our Giveaway page for full details, and to enter for a chance to win. We wish you luck and we hope you win!

Look out for more giveaways from us, including Alice in Wonderland, Coming in Spring of 2018 at Nine O'Clock Players!

Nine O'Clock Players

Assistance League of Los Angeles Theatre for Children 1367 North St. Andrews Place Hollywood, CA 90028 Tel: (323) 545-6153

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