11 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Back To School This Year!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This year, start of the school year is very different than all other years. Kids usually are more excited to go back to school because they will get to see and hang out with their friends. But, unfortunately, this year they have to start the school year at home. So as parents we have to get creative to bring some joy and excitement to an unusual first day of school. Here are some ideas that can bring some joy and excitement to your little and even older students.

Decorate Your Kids' Rooms

The night before the school, when kids go to bed, decorate their rooms or their doors with back to school banners and balloons. It will be a great surprise when they wake up to a decorated room.

Back To School Drive By Party

Arrange a back-to-school drive by party with your kids' classmates in-front of their school. Your kids will be so excited to see their friends and classmates even for a few minutes.

Back To School Eve Party

Celebrate the start of the new school year with a fun School Year's Eve dance party, or ask your kids to make a list of fun memories from school and share with you.

Take Cool Pictures

Get back to virtual school signs and t-shirts and take memorable photos of your kids holding their signs in front of their desks and chrome books. Find more fun ideas here.

New School Supplies

Even though the kids won't need a backpack, lunchbox, or water bottles this year, it is still exciting to shop for back to school supplies like notebooks, pen and pencils, mouse (for chrome books), and all the supplies your kids need even though they may already have them.

Make A Special Breakfast

Make a special breakfast on the first day of school with these healthy and cute ideas by TasteOfHome.

Visit the School

Ask your kids to write down what they miss about going back to school and walk or drive by school and have your kids leave their notes at the school entrance.

Back To School Theater

Have a back-to-school theater night. Ask your kids to take turn and play their favorite teacher, and you be the students. Or pretend you are a reporter from The Times and interview your kids about their goals, wishes, and fears about the new school year.

Read A Fun Back To School Book

The night before, read a fun back-to-school classic to get your kids in the mood for the new school year. Click here for some ideas.

Post School Rewards or Treats

Let your kids choose a small but fun reward or a treat for after school like ice cream or a favorite candy. When you have something to look forward to your day is always better.

Create a Wish Jar

Create a jar and let your kids write their goals and wishes starting the first day of school and put them in the jar (with their names). At the end of the school year, they will have so much fun reading them.